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Attorney Heather Tootle frequently co-counsels cases with Attorney Joseph P. Piccin. Attorney Piccin has his own law practice but frequently the two attorneys share cases. While you may meet with both Attorneys, you are only charged for one Attorney. "Two for the price of one" so to speak. Typically, you meet with both attorneys in the beginning. As your case progresses one of the attorneys will take the lead on your case. If your case is a co-counsel case, you will be provided a document called a Contract For Legal Services that sets forth the details of this arrangement.

Private Judge Hearings

Our firm strongly believes in protecting your privacy in any way possible. Therefore, we encourage clients to have final hearings in the privacy of our office building. Retired Judge Donald Cox will come to our office, for a fee, to conduct the final hearing of a divorce or dissolution hearing. Judge Cox also provides mediation and alternative dispute resolution. For clients going through a dissolution or uncontested divorce, you will never have to go to court if you decide to hire a private judge. It saves time, money, and added stress of going to the public court house for your hearing. Most importantly, it gives you the added comfort of privacy while you bring closure to your domestic conflict.

Retirement Asset Experts

In Ohio, the marital portion of a party's retirement account is a marital asset. There are many different types of retirement accounts such as a 401K plans, Pension Plans, STRS, IRAs, Social Security, FERS, Thrift Savings, 403Bs, and so on. Sometimes we need to engage an expert to determine the present and future value of a retirement asset to be divided in a domestic case. We use the leading experts in the state: QDRO Consultants. If you are interested in learning more about this topic, QDRO Consultants speak across the country on dividing assets in divorce cases and they have numerous publications on the subject.

Financial Experts

In high asset cases, when necessary, we consult expert William Gabel CPA, LLM. Not only is he a forensic accountant with a Master's degree in taxation, he has attended paralegal courses and other continuing legal education courses. Mr. Gabel is extremely helpful in tracing hidden assets, valuing businesses, and assisting clients with numerous tax issues.

Forensic Psychology Experts

In custody battles and child abuse cases, it may be necessary to have the parents and children submit to a psychological evaluation to determine which parent, if any, would serve the best interest of the child or children. There are many psychologists and psychiatrists that perform these evaluations. We typically engage Dr. Rhonda Lily and Associates, who performs a detailed examination and provides professional, competent reports for use at court. Further, she is a good reference when creating specialized shared parenting plans.

Real Estate Appraisers

In determining the fair market value of a home, office, or any type of property an expert report is very helpful. Ralph Berger is a certified real estate appraiser whose extensive credentials certify him as an expert in domestic court on real estate valuation matters. His reports are very detailed and include color photos. Mr. Berger is an excellent resource for real estate appraisal issues. We often hire Mr. Berger or his associates when dealing with real estate issues.

Vocational Experts

In spousal and child support cases, it may be necessary to consult a vocational expert. This expert performs an evaluation of one or both parties to determine their particular skills in the work force and their value as an employee in particular fields. We often use Steven Rosenthal, as he has testified in several domestic law court cases and he is very knowledgeable in this area.

Experts in General

Experts can be hired to testify in domestic cases or they may just be useful in consulting for direction on certain issues in your case. In addition to the experts above, we have a list of many additional experts qualified in many different fields that can be consulted in your domestic case. There are too many to include here. We are committed to confidentially contacting the experts and consulting the outside resources necessary for your individual case should the need arise.